Every Olive Knits pattern comes with Basic Pattern Support, which means you can rest assured knowing the pattern has been tech edited, tested, and that if any errata exists, we will update the pattern page with errata notes AND send out an updated pattern in a timely manner once an issue is discovered. (Try as we might, mistakes do happen sometimes. We promise to be diligent about getting those mistakes documented and updated to guarantee your success.) Each Olive Knits pattern also includes additional tips, tricks and tutorials to help ensure your success. 

For advice about specific topics (like swatching, choosing a size, or individual techniques), we recommend searching the Olive Knits blog, Vimeo resources (click here), and workshops for helpful resources. 

For Premium Pattern Support (personalized answers to your questions), we recommend joining Knit Camp - where Pattern Ambassadors are available throughout the week to answer your burning questions and help you make sense of tricky pattern bits.