Friend, we love you. And we care about your knitting emergency. We're not on call day and night, but we do clock in every day Monday through Thursday. You're in good hands and we'll take care of you. We also know it's frustrating to need help and not be able to get immediate assistance. We're a small team, and we do our very best. We really appreciate your patience and want you to know that we will always take good care of you. But it may help to know that we don't have a call center. We're a handful of people who live in the Pacific Northwest (Pacific Time Zone, if that's helpful to know), and we are really diligent about showing up to support you from 9 AM - 1 PM. But we aren't online during the night (because, sleep), and we may take a teensy bit to get back to you because your question may require a little research to make sure we respond with the right information. We appreciate you. We truly do care about your experience. We want your knitting experience to be wonderful. And just as soon as we have the answer, we'll be in touch to support you. Thank you for being kind to our team - we work really hard to show up with compassion and patience.