Question — I noticed that the finished measurements in Fireworks changed from what was listed in the pre-order. Can you tell me why? How do I know what size to choose? Do I need more yarn?

Answer — Great question! When we provide yarn and size details 6-8 weeks ahead of a pattern release, these details are approximate and are subject to change, as we are generally still in the testing and editing phase of pattern development during that time. Pre-order details do also indicate that finished measurements (and yardage) may change in the final version. Rest assured that if changes are made, it is to improve fit or accuracy, based on feedback from testers and editors. Olive Knits patterns include a yardage buffer, which can help ensure that you have enough to adjust your size if needed. 

When in doubt, I always recommend rounding up to the nearest next skein so you're prepared for any variables, including the potential for your row gauge to consume more yarn.When in doubt between sizes, choose the size that is closest to the amount of ease you would like to have. And if the difference is the same either way, choose the smaller of the two sizes, as it's quite easy to add a few extra stitches to add more ease. Please also note that - if there is a secondary gauge option (which is the case with Fireworks) - this allows you a larger range of sizes to choose from. Alternate gauge (22 st in 4 in/10 cm) for Fireworks can usually be achieved by switching to a needle 1-2 sizes smaller than what you originally planned to use.

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