One of the unique features of the Stash Sprint class is that it's designed as a community-based experience with a specific lesson schedule that reboots several times a year as each new "Sprint" session begins. This allows former students the opportunity to participate again just like a brand new student. The doors to the lessons remain open for several months - and close again 2-3 weeks before the next Stash Sprint session. At that time, the course reboots so that old and new students can Sprint together through the next session on the same schedule. We find that this process gives students the most rewarding experience, and it helps to motivate our Stash Sprinters to work through the lessons together with support. 

As mentioned above, once each Stash Sprint session ends, all the lessons stay open for you to revisit in case you didn't make it all the way through. These open lessons stay available for several months. When it's time for a new Sprint to begin, the course reboots so that lessons can unfold again on schedule for the new session. This is the only way we are able to run the course as intended while also providing past students the opportunity to participate again and again at no extra cost. Otherwise, we would have to limit new students to just one trip through the Stash Sprint, which would expire after a few months. In order to give you ongoing access, your lesson schedule reboots for each new session, giving you several months to work through the lessons each time. 

We love to see former Stash Sprinters come back again for another session - doors open again on February 1st. See you there!

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