(Last updated: July 27, 2021) 

Items in BOLD have been updated or added as follows: 

Page 8, right column, bottom of page:

Written instructions added for working the sleeve in the round.

Round 1: p4, ktbl, p1, ktbl - twice, p1, ktbl, p4 

Round 2: p3, Rtw, Rtw, Ltw, Ltw, p3 

Round 3: p3, ktbl, p1, ktbl, p2, ktbl, p1, ktbl, p3 

Round 4: p2, Rtw, Rtw, p2, Ltw, Ltw, p2 

Round 5: p2, ktbl, p1, ktbl - twice, p2, ktbl - twice, p1, ktbl, p2 

Round 6: p1, Rtw, Rtw, Ltw, Rtw, Ltw, Ltw, p1 

Round 7 - 9: p1, ktbl, p1, ktbl, p2, ktbl - twice, p2, ktbl, p1, ktbl, p1 

Round 10: p1, Ltw, Ltw, Rtw, Ltw, Rtw, Rtw, p1 

Round 11: repeat round 5

Round 12: p2, Ltw, Ltw, p2, Rtw, Rtw, p2 

Round 13: repeat round 3 

Round 14: p3, Ltw, Ltw, Rtw, Rtw, p3 

Round 15 & 16: repeat round 1


Page 9, left column, Row 10 extra Rtw stitch removed:

Row 10 rs: p1, Ltw, Ltw, Rtw, Ltw, Rtw, Rtw, p3, Ltw, Ltw, p1