(Last updated: February 28, 2023)

This pattern was updated with the following adjustment. 

Items in BOLD have been updated or added as follows:

Page 125, left column, Row 12:

ROW 12 (WS): P2, k2tog, p2, sm, p2, [k2tog] rep bet brackets to 2 st before m, p2, sm, p2, [k2tog] rep bet brackets to 2 st before m, p2, sm, p2, [k2tog] rep bet brackets to 2 st before m, p2, sm, p2, k2tog, p2.

Page 126, right column, last Stitch Count Check-In:


FRONTS (EA): 39 (39, 39, 39, 39, 39)

SLEEVES (EA): 56 (60, 68, 70, 74, 76)

BACK: 78 (88, 98, 102, 102, 108)

Page 127, left and right column, Stitch Count Check-Ins and Lower Body Instruction:


FRONTS (EA): 40 (42, 42, 46, 53, 51)

SLEEVES (EA): 56 (62, 66, 74, 82, 82)

BACK: 80 (92, 102, 112, 122, 126)


168 (184, 194, 212, 236, 240) st in lower body

LOWER BODY: Knit the lower body back and forth flat (no additional increases), maintaining the 8-row granite stitch texture as established until body measures 13” (33 cm) from underarm, ending just before or just after a granite stitch series on ws row.

Transition to U.S. size 5/3.75 mm (24–32” [60–80 cm]) circular needle (or needle one size smaller than that used for body) and k the row. At the same time, dec 0 (1, 1, 0*, 0*, 2), st using k2tog, somewhat evenly spaced as applicable *(size 42/44 inc 1 st using kfb, size 46/48 inc 2 st using kfb). At the conclusion of this row, you should have the following number of stitches: 168 (183, 193, 213, 238, 238). On the next row (ws) begin lower ribbing as follows: p3 [k2, p3] rep bet brackets to end of row. On the rs work ribbing as k3 [p2, k3] rep bet brackets to end of row.

Page 128, left column, Sleeves and Neckline & Front Band Instruction:

SLEEVES: With U.S. size 6/4 mm (12” [30 cm]) circular needle or DPN (or the same size as used for the body), pick up sleeve stitches from waste yarn (including st cast-on under the arm)—60 (66, 74, 78, 86, 88) st. Pm at center of underarm to mark BOR. Knit sleeve in the round in 8-row granite stitch repeat for 2” (5 cm).

NECKLINE & FRONT BAND: With U.S. size 4/3.5 mm (16–24” [40–60 cm]) circular needle (or needle two sizes smaller than used for the body), pick up stitches around the fronts and neckline in the following manner: Starting at the bottom right front (on the rs), pick up approximately 6 of every 7 stitches along front band, up around the neckline and back down the left side, ending with a multiple of 6 + 3 (see page 161). Work in ribbing as follows: [k3, p3] rep between brackets across, ending k3 (on the rs), and work as [p3, k3] ending p3 on the ws. Work ribbing back and forth in this manner (k3 [p3, k3] on the rs and p3 [k3, p3] on the wrong side) until front ribbing measures 5” (12.5 cm). Bind off in pattern with medium tension.