To cancel your Knit Camp membership, you will need to access your subscription through the same platform you signed up on (website, App Store or Google Play Store).

If you signed up through the web, please log in and visit your account details in our Subscription Management portal. If you signed up in the App Store, please visit your subscriptions in the App Store. If you joined through the Google Play store, please visit your subscriptions in the Google Play Store. If you need assistance, please submit a ticket.

Per the Olive Knits Terms of Service and the additional Terms of Service specific to the Knit Camp App, there are no refunds on Knit Camp subscription fees.

Please note the following language in our Terms of Service, which you agreed to upon registration and continued use of Knit Camp platform, which reads:

Knit Camp is an auto-renewing subscription that will renew monthly or annually (based on your subscription) until you cancel. You, the user, are responsible for managing your auto-renewal and/or canceling before the renewal date if you do not wish to continue your membership. Per our Terms of Service, both in the Knit Camp app and at, there are no refunds.

For a full accounting of our terms of service, please visit:

If you need assistance canceling your membership, please contact us a minimum of 3 business days before your renewal so we may assist you before your next renewal date.