Thank you for supporting Good Enough Creative and Olive Knits!

Accessing your premium episodes might be a little confusing (depending on which podcast app you use). Here are some tips from our podcast service provider to make your access easier:

Once you've signed up as a premium Good Enough Creative subscriber through my provider, Buzzsprout, you'll receive an email that provides several links to add your personal subscriber feed to your favorite podcast player. 

For example, when clicking the Apple Podcasts feed link, that opens the app where you can click Follow. Then your app should give you a checkmark on the screen and add the new show to your Library page. The episodes with the locked icon are now available to you and ready for listening.

If you run into any questions accessing the premium content features of your subscription, please reach out to Buzzsprout directly at They are SO cheerful and kind, and super quick to respond. I've been so impressed with their team, and I know they'll take good care of you.